TESOL Official Annoncement

To whom it may concern,

This letter is to authorize the appointment Shanghai Teshuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. by Mr. Liang Yongsheng, Board Member, American TESOL Institute, Inc (ATI).

We do hereby authorize Shanghai Teshuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd..as ATI designated mainland China distributor for ATI the exclusive foreign teachers’ intermediary service, TESOL courses provider and fully authorized chief representative of ATI in China.

American TESOL China Management Center is the exclusive China headquarters; Liang Yongsheng (David Liang) is the appointed Chief Executive Officer of ATI-China. The official websites are www.tesolsh.com and www.tesolchina.org  

ATI grants Shanghai Teshuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd., in consultation with ATI, the right to perform and supervise all issues related to quality inspections, examinations, and interviews, and contracting with government agencies, English institutes, schools, colleges, universities and organizations in the mainland China, including all ATI business. All certificates are issued by American TESOL Institute and are awarded through Shanghai Teshuo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


David Liang

Executive Director,

American TESOL Institute,China

Jonathan Lazarus,

Executive Director,

American TESOL Institute,USA


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