Request an English Teacher

Request an online English teacher for conversational English lessons discussing aspects of pronunciation, grammar, and comprehension. After completing the Teacher Request Form, you will be contacted by your teacher to schedule lessons. Lessons cost between fifteen and thirty dollars per session, depending on your choice of private or group lessons.

Where do I learn?

Choose your learning platform from either Second Life, Adobe Connect, or Skype.

What do I learn?

- Students recite a passage from a TESOLAI™ lesson.
- Teachers note which words need improvement.
- Pronunciation practice of target words.

Comprehension & Grammar
- Students and teachers review each sentence of a passage.
- Teachers convey the meaning of each sentence to students.
- Students present questions on the meaning of words or sentences.

What do I receive?

- Conversational online English lesson(s) with a native English speaker.
- An evaluation report of your English competency.
- A certificate of attendance.

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