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The long, narrow South American country of Chile borders Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. A lesser-known fact is that Chile also claims about 480,000 mi./squared of Antarctica. It is home to some beautiful land with forests, lakes and several volcanoes. Chile declared independence from Spain in 1818 and emerged as a stable authoritarian republic. Since its independence it has struggled with several internal conflicts, which for the most part, came to an end in 1990 with the end of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship. Today it is considered one of the most stable and prosperous nations in South America and is consistently ranked high for human development, per capita income, low corruption and stability of state.

Outdoor adventures that enjoyed teaching English often find the perfect combination in Chile where you can explore the dry deserts of the north or the mountainous South. It has a fast and stable growing economy with modern infrastructure making this an ideal place to find many English teaching opportunities. Peak hiring times for this country are March to July and most jobs will help you with visa paperwork. Don't expect to save too much if you plan to do any kind of traveling, but you will have enough to live comfortably and explore this beautiful country.

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