The How-to of Digital Poster Presentations, Teaching with Technology Webinar, June, 2015

9 Digital Poster Creation Tools

Poster projects help language learners develop research skills and visual design skills. If language learners create multimedia posters, they can also enhance their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. With various free web tools and apps, students can create digital posters with Youtube videos, audio recordings, fonts, stickers, labels, embedded podcasts, animations, and more. Below is a list of 9 web tools and apps we recommend for designing digital, multimedia posters.

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Recommended Tools and Apps

  • EduBuncee is a free poster web tool and iOS app with templates, stickers, ESL lesson plans, and allows embedding video and podcasts.
  • Canva is a free web tool and app for creating social media posters, infographics, digital poster projects and more.
  • Piktochart is the easiest way to create infographics with clip art, templates, and more in their library.
  • is an infographic creator with graphs and templates.
  • Smore is a free web tool to create digital flyers and infographics.
  • Tackk has templates for creating About Me posters and other digital poster projects.
  • ThingLink is a free web tool and app for creating posters with hotspots (links, videos, images, and more).
  • Biteslides is a free tool for creating digital posters and scrapbooks and safe for students.
  • Glogster is a free app and web tool for creating multimedia posters with stickers, animation, embedded video and more.

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