9 Websites to Find Comics for Teaching and Learning

Comics are great for language learners of all ages. They break up the plot and language into frames. Comics also provide a setting and context for language learners. This learning potential has inspired comics designed to teach language learners about science, math, grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and history. Below find links to websites with comics for language learners. For resources related to teaching language learners with comics, check out our webinar recordings, Language Fun and Comics and  for check out this post for comic creators.

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  • Comics English– Several comics are explained for language learners. Also discover activities and resources for learning and teaching with comics.
  • Grammarman Comics– Learn grammar with the videos and comics featuring a superhero who knows all about grammar.
  • Wrong Hands– A comic to learn about grammar, vocabulary, writing, famous people, and more.
  • Word Origins– Learn about different phrases and idioms by Larry Paros.
  • Zen Pencils– Comics about famous people, quotes, and fables.
  • Kid Town– Find fun facts about science, nature, and more for kids illustrated as a comic.
  • Kids Comics– Search engine to find safe comics for children. Some free.
  • Comixology– Free comics to download on your Kindle, e-reader or read online.
  • Instructables has a series of Howtoons that provide students with instructions on how to conduct science experiments and build things.

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