Featured Teacher Marek Tkaczyk of Speakadelic

Join us Live with Featured Teacher Marek Tkaczyk of Speakadelic

Marek Tkaczyk’s passion in teaching stems from a life-long obsession with creativity and proactivity. Having been a teacher and teacher trainer for almost 20 years, he’s had a chance to meet and observe hundreds of fantastic educators at work, which has shaped a new way to see and approach teaching methods.

Marek Tkaczyk’s main motto is ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’ and in the classroom everything boils down to creative use of recycling, utilization of effective ideas, and teaching methods. Marek is the proprietor of two language schools throughout Poland, and for 13 years has been managing a team of amazing teachers with over 400 students on board. He’s also spent nearly every summer since 2004 in the United Kingdom working at summer schools – initially as a teacher, then as a DOS, (Directors of Studies) and finally as a Center Manager. In 2017 he started a new project called SPEAKADELIC, GAMES THAT TEACH which fills a niche in the market of educational materials. Speakadelic games and materials are currently being used in 6 different countries.

Recently Marek has become interested in charity work, and is an official intercontinental coordinator for Face To Face With The World Organization. This project is focused on helping schools in Poland share their online classes with schools and orphanages in Asia and Africa.