Explore an Ancient Mayan City in Mexico

Chichen ItzaOne of the best parts of teaching English abroad is going on adventures. In Mexico, I was fortunate to visit Chichen Itza, an ancient Mayan city. I was able to climb the structures and explore the ball courts where the men used to play a sport similar to basketball. On the way to the site, we stopped at a small town nearby to eat at a local restaurant. At the restaurant, we saw little children dancing with plates on their heads as we ate a delicious meal. The town we stopped at was very poor and the houses lacked electricity and good plumbing. Teaching English often helps people get access to more opportunities. Check out the Wiki Travel guide for more information and history about this historic site.

Chichen Itza is near Cancun. American TESOL offers you ways to receive a certification in teaching English so that you can teach abroad. The following links are useful if you would like to know more about teaching English in Mexico:

Photo Credit: Flickr photo by antischokke https://flickr.com/photos/antischokke/19878463169 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license