15 Web Tools and Apps with Whiteboards for Brainstorming and Drawing

Free web tools and apps engage language learners with collaborative drawing and brainstorming features. Your language learners can work in pairs or small groups to create mind maps about any topic, analyze an image, create blueprints for buildings or businesses, or complete graphic organizers. With free web tools and apps that allow the uploading of documents, students can annotate readings, peer edit their papers, or fill out digital handouts on their mobile devices or tablet. The web tools and apps below have various features for collaborative brainstorming and language learning. All have drawing tools and some have the ability to communicate with audio and video. For lesson ideas and activities, check out our webinar recordings, Learning with Drawing Tools and Apps and Brainstorming on a Mobile Device.

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Web Tools

  • Twiddla is a collaborative whiteboard that has shapes, drawing tools, allows links, and much more. People can use audio to communicate while collaborating. No registration is required.
  • PixiClip is a very cool whiteboard tool. In addition to drawing tools and adding text, you can chat with others through audio and video.
  • Sketchpad has no registration or front page. You click the link and can draw, add shapes, or add text. It also works on mobiles since it is in html 5.
  • Stoodle works on the web and with iPads. You can use voice to communicate. Features include drawing, coloring, adding text, and uploading files. No registration required.
  • Sketchboard has mindmapping and drawing tools as well as shapes and clip art. For collaboration features you have to sign up but no registration is required to begin.
  • Flockdraw is a simple whiteboard tool that requires no registration. Draw, add text, add shapes, and brainstorm. There is also a free iOS app.
  • Limnu is a simple whiteboard tool with drawing tools. No registration required.
  • Awwapp is a web based collaborative board that has basic drawing features and image sharing features. No registration is required except for advanced features. You can invite team members.
  • Draw It Live is a simple tool with no registration for collaborative drawing.
  • Sketchlot has free registration for teachers and students are given a code. This is a drawing platform to share and receive feedback on drawings.
  • Real Time Board‘s features include adding shapes and text and drawing. Register for free. You are give a free 14 day team premium account when you complete their lengthy registration.

Web Tools

  • Explain Everything is a free app for iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome OS. Features include screencasting, slide creation, drawing, and adding shapes, text, videos, images and audio.
  • Lensoo is a free iOS and Android app images, PDFs and pre-made shapes, annotating, drawing, and more. Screencast what you add on the board.
  • Educreations is a free iOS app that allows mindmapping, uploading pdfs, drawing, and more. Your students can also screencast and edit their 9 minute recorded video of their brainstorming.
  • Shareboard is a free iOS app that allows up to 2 users to draw, edit, and scale, rotate, and publish images, graphics, and text. The premium version allows up to 32 students.

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