Visiting Ramat Gan, Israel with Or-Tal Kiriati

Recently we invited language teacher, Or-Tal Kiriati (@lemino), to introduce us to Ramat Gan, Israel.

Shelly: Which landmark is a must for visitors?

Or-Tal: Events to see- the eve of Yom Kipur is amazing, as no cars are in the streets and thousands ride bikes through the highways. Landmarks- Tel Aviv, the city, the port, Jaffa port, Haifa’s Bahaii gardens and so much more.

Shelly: What are popular local dishes?

Or-Tal: Hummus, falafel, kebab and basically any worldwide kitchen you can think of.

Shelly: Describe an activity your English learners enjoy!

Or-Tal: My learners enjoy playing games. Online as well as offline

Thank you, Or-Tal, for introducing us to Ramat Gan, Israel!

Or-Tal is the founder of Tutorra, Saveby, & Lemino, an education and games innovator, mom, and entrepreneur. She is also an educator, learner, technology addict, networker, and occasional blogger.

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