Teach Abroad & Enjoy Taiwan, Pingtung Parks, Aquariums, Beaches, & Fun

Pingtung is located in the Southern part of Taiwan which enjoys a year round tropical climate. Visiting Sand Island and the ancient Kenting National Park are just a few of the fun things to explore and discover. Teach English abroad in Taiwan and also visit the New National Museum of Marine Science. Destined to be one of the largest aquariums in the world, this groundbreaking museum will house over 300 species of marine life in state of the art fish tanks. The aquarium will showcase a diversity of marine life from both the northern and eastern parts of Taiwan, making the facility a once in a lifetime attraction. It was constructed on a former power station site, filled with hillsides, lookouts, parks and trails. Explore English teaching jobs in the area, and learn about TESOL Certification for teaching in Taiwan.