Teaching English in Marrakesh

Teaching English in Marrakesh, Morocco: Jobs & News

Teaching English in Marrakesh

For an adventurous teacher looking to wander on a trail newly blazed, Marrakesh might be the place for you. All your senses will be engaged once you arrive in the land dubbed Daughter of the Desert. Sounds, smells, and sights will all be remarkably different from home.

The booming economy has created a new and growing English teaching industry. Finding a job will not be hard, nor will sustaining your monthly needs, but saving can be challenging as most jobs range in Salary of $600-$1000 monthly. It’s worth doing your research to learn about the culture, and which English teaching jobs in Marrakesh will be the best fit for you.

Thomas has been living in Morocco for 12 years and started out as an English teacher. His indispensable advice about moving to Morocco, and enjoying this country, is a must read.

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