Teaching English in Morocco, Jobs, News, and Country Information

Coat of Arms MoroccoThere are very few countries in the world that seem to be more exotic than the African country of Morocco. The country is located in North Africa, though it is the only country in Africa that has not yet become a member of the African Union.

Like most African countries, the education system in Morocco use to be very depressed, something the government has been working really hard to rectify.

Plans to improve the education children received in Morocco started in 1956 when Morocco changed from being a French territory and was finally able to become a country. Despite the fact that Morocco suffered several economic setback over the last twenty years, they have continued to do all they can to make sure that the youth have the best possible education.

When you go to teach in Morocco one of the things you are going to find yourself struggling with is literacy. Despite the countries attempt to improve their education system, only slightly more than half of Moroccan adults are literate. The good news is that the Moroccan government’s determination to improve the education system makes the time that American educators spend working in the country pleasant.

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