Difference Between TESOL, ESL, & TEFL

TESOL, TESL, ESL, CELTA, & TEFL certifications are credentials to teach English as a second language. Explore various concepts of certification and their acronyms.

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    Speaking English with Your Doctor or Patient

    If you are in the medical profession, or if you live in an English speaking country, you’ll need to communicate effectively and understand specific questions about your / your patient’s health. These dialogues provide practice conversations and key vocabulary related to conversations between health care professionals and patients.

    Making an Appointment with the Dentist
    Making a Doctor’s Appointment
    Dental Check-up – Doctor and Patient
    Dental Hygiene – Dental Hygienist and Patient
    Dental Receptionist
    Troubling Symptoms – Doctor and Patient
    Joint Pain – Doctor and Patient
    A Physical Examination – Doctor and Patient
    Pain that Comes and Goes – Doctor and Patient
    A Prescription – Doctor and Patient
    Feeling Queasy – Nurse and Patient
    Helping a Patient – Nurse and Patient
    Patient Details – Administration Staff and Patient

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    Writing Your First Sentences

    This lesson will help you write your very first sentences. Follow each step reading the description and you will learn how to write three different types of sentences. For example:

    Mary is tall.
    Mary is a student.
    Mary is a tall student.

    This is a good place to start writing sentences for beginners.

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    Teaching Beginners Parts of Speech

    Learning parts of speech can be a real challenge for beginners. However, learning to recognize just four – noun / verb / adjective / adverb – will greatly help them develop a feeling for the structure of English. Use this parts of speech lesson to ask students to label sentences with appropriate parts of speech. Once students are comfortable with these basics, move on to teaching the basic sentence types in English.

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    Having the Final Word

    Sometimes you might have to insist on your point of view. Someone who has the final word ends the conversation forcefully:

    I said we’re going to finish the project. That’s my final word!

    Learn how to have the final word using phrases and structures to suggest a new conversational topic, take a firm stand, or make a final offer.


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    How to Guides on Teaching the Tenses

    One of the main tasks in any grammar class is teaching tenses. For many students, the tenses are especially challenging because their native language may lack a focus on the time aspect of tenses that is so prevalent in English. These guides have been designed to help teachers introduce each tense, as well as provide pointers to resources that you can print out and use in class.

    How to Teach the Present Simple
    How to Teach the Present Continuous
    How to Teach the Present Perfect
    How to Teach the Present Perfect Continuous
    How to teach the Future
    How to Teach the Future Perfect
    How to teach the Future Perfect Continuous
    How to teach the Past Simple
    How to Teach the Past Continuous
    How to Teach the Past Perfect
    How to Teach Conditional Forms

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    Challenge Yourself with Gap Fills

    Here are two new gap fills that will challenge any upper level student. First, we have a story about a man who decides to buy a boat. It’s packed full of unique vocabulary and sure to be a challenge. Next, learn 15 new phrasal verbs with this gap fill and matching activity.

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    Will or Going to – A Difficult Choice

    The choice between will or going to for the future is always hard. Make sure to study the rules to will and going to and then check your understanding with this future forms quiz. Teachers can use this future with going to and will lesson plan, as well as this guide on how to teach the future for help with teaching these two future tenses.

    Basically it boils down to this:

    Will – use for 1) reactions to a situation 2) predictions 3) promises 4) offers

    Going to – 1) future plans 2) future intentions 3) what is ‘about’ to happen

    I think this will help a lot (prediction). I’m certainly going to write a few more lessons about will and going to (future plan)!

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    Play Bingo in Class to Help Learn Past Forms

    Here are a number of suggestions on how you can use bingo cards to practice past irregular forms in class. There are six bingo cards ready to print out, or you can use the irregular verb forms list to come up with your own, or encourage students to create their own. Using a game in class is one of the many ways you can make learning tenses a little more fun. Make sure to check out the guides on how to teach tenses for more ideas.

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    Chance of a Lifetime

    Here’s a new idioms in context story about a man who missed the chance of his lifetime because he was a little too proud. Read the short selection, review the new idioms through the definitions provided and learn through context. You can also read another idioms in context stories listed below.

    An Unpleasant Colleague
    Party Animal
    Young and Free – Prerequisite for Success
    Advice from a Content Grandfather
    Odd Man Out
    The Inventor’s Lesson
    Life of the Party
    My Successful Friend
    A Very Difficult Boss

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    Test your knowledge of idioms

    Idioms can be a source of frustration for some learners. On the other hand, I find that most students really enjoy idioms as they tend to be used frequently in materials students are studying. Advanced students might find the fixed expressions quiz challenging and rewarding, as well as this matching the idioms quiz. Students who are trying to learn new idioms will find these idioms in context story entertaining, as well as instructive.

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    Teach China

    Join the One World Ambassador Project , and teach in Shanghai, China beginning September 1, 2016.

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