Go Ahead and Teach in Sri Lanka

5 Alive, 3, 2, 1, Go Ahead and Teach in Sri Lanka

Stepping down the run way into Sri Lanka we may notice our breathing gets deeper as a new world emerges of mysticism where it’s easy to stay calm in the chaos by remembering, in the snap of a finger, all the noise is what defines our new found inner peace. Welcome to the land before time where a sacred baby blue sky meets the island of Sri Lanka like an hourglass forever bringing us in and out cycles of sensation. Flip the hourglass, go deeper, visualize, imagine, and feel the rush of sand like the birth of a new star.

Let’s jump out the bubble, throw back the robes of Sri Lanka, and see the true chaos of our world where ancient masters of illusion have overcome inconceivable fears of perception and literally see us moving in fast forward, good and evil appear only as black and white,  and the essence of life is woven into the Book of the Dead with a ring.  It’s only real if we believe it’s real, and Sri Lanka is the real deal. Go ahead and learn more about teaching English abroad in the Teardrop of India .