Tool of the Month for Language Learners: Active Textbook

Welcome to a new series where we feature our favorite free web tools and apps for language learners and teachers. This month we are highlighting Active Textbook allows instructors to easily convert any textbook to an interactive eBook by adding quizzes, videos, audio clips, images, comments, and widgets. This tool greatly enhances teaching and learning experiences, and boosts student engagement. Below are a list of Active Textbook‘s features to support the learning needs of language learners.

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  • Allows embedding eBooks with videos, images, attachments, comments, links, quizzes, and interactive widgets in order to enhance the learning experience. Includes full media overlay support for EPUB.
  • Supports social learning with peer-to-peer or teacher-to-student communication using comments, attachments, question-answer features, etc. Users are able to participate in ongoing discussions within the eBooks they are reading.
  • Provides user-friendly book navigation and the ability to highlight, bookmark, and scribble.
  • Offers dictionary support, full search, and hierarchical modifiable table of content.
  • Provides built-in text-to-speech to help users understand the pronunciations of English words.
  • Provides comprehensive reporting and analytics about user reading activities.
  • Allows teachers to build their extension of eBooks for the groups of students.
  • Supports all major mobile and desktop platforms, as well as Web app.
  • Supports eBooks with PDF, ePUB2/3, and self-contained HTML5 archives (including apps)
  • Granular access control, choice of the Digital Rights Management systems: Adobe, SONY or proprietary system
  • You can find more information at:

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