Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Patricia Santos

Recently we invited language teacher Patricia Santos to introduce us to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Shelly: Which event is a must for visitors?

Patricia Santos: Visit Sugar Loaf Mountain!

Shelly: What are popular local dishes?

Patricia Santos: Feijoada. Watch a video on how to make Feijoada.

Shelly: What activities do your English learners enjoy?

Patricia Santos: In general, memory games, and board games.

Shelly: Thank you Patricia Santos for introducing us to Rio de Janeiro.

Patricia Santos Bio
Patricia has been teaching English for almost 20 years. Besides being a teacher, she is also a Psychologist and a mother. It is a real challenge to teach young kids at the public sector in Brazil. She sometimes lacks resources, and creativity is  key to keep her students motivated. All she wants for her students, is to give them an opportunity to be able to change their futures for the better.

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