Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Patricia Santos

Morro dois IrmãosThe Olympics is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this week. You have the opportunity to teach English in Brazil. To introduce you to this beautiful country, we invited language teacher, Patricia Santos, to speak with us about Rio de Janeiro

Shelly: Which event is a must for visitors?

Patricia Santos: Visit Sugar Loaf Mountain!

Shelly: What are popular local dishes?

Patricia Santos: Feijoada. Watch a video here

Shelly: Describe activities your English learners enjoy!

Patricia Santos: In general, memory games and board games.

Thank you, Patricia Santos, for introducing us to Brazil!

Patricia Santos Bio
I have been teaching English for almost 20 years now. Besides being a teacher I am also a Psychologist and a mother. It is a real challenge to teach young kids at the public sector in Brazil. We sometimes lack resources and creativity is the key to keep our students motivation. All I want for my students is that they are able to change their future.

Patricia’s blog is Holding Hands.

*Photo Credit: Flickr photo by Rodrigo_Soldon, shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license