Featured Tool! ClassTag Helps Teachers Communicate Effectively with the Parents of English Learners

Every month we feature our favorite web tools and apps for English language learners, parents, and teachers. This month, we are highlighting the free ClassTag website and app.
ClassTag is a parent engagement tool that helps teachers communicate with parents and get free supplies from reputable brand sponsors in the process. The platform is available for K-12 classrooms, with the majority of its users being parents with children in elementary and middle school. ClassTag is one of the most helpful ways for teachers and parents to communicate and stay engaged by making it easy for teachers to share student updates, class projects, volunteer opportunities, meetings, and more. Getting started is also easy! Teachers simply download the free app and then invite parents to join their class on ClassTag, all customized to their language of choice.

Here is a rundown of ClassTag‘s useful features:

  • Automatic translations in 50+ languages
  • Fundraising capability: teachers earn free supplies and resources for their class through brand sponsorship
  • Easy parent updates for announcements, invitations, and automatic newsletters
  • Easy activity planner for field trips, parent-teacher meetings, and class donations
  • Multiple channels for parents to receive messages: email, sms/text, or in-app notifications
  • Ability for teachers to see if messages were opened/read by parents
  • Option for parents to choose frequency of notifications

Teachers will also find these videos helpful:


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