Featured Professional Development and Curation Tool! Cube for Teachers

Every month we feature web tools and apps for English language learners, parents, and teachers. This month, we are highlighting the free Cube for Teachers website. Cube for Teachers is a free educational platform to support teacher voice via resource sharing (i.e. bookmarks), folders and ongoing discussion areas. Recently, they’ve added more the ability to embed videos and add images. There are numerous benefits for English Language teachers to connect and collaborate on Cube.

These are the ways teachers can use Cube:

  • Free resource – similar to Pinterest, Twitter, Google+.
  • Accessing thousands of educational resources shared by educators from around the globe. Over 51,000 resources already shared.
  • Teacher voice and choice – sharing effective resources that matter to them.
  • Links to all things educational: subject-specific lessons, activities, strategies, classroom design, and management, tips, templates, blogs, etc.
  • Sharing links is quick and efficient and was designed by educators for educators.
  • Shared links can also include images and videos.
  • Effective profile pages with the option to set to public. Example1. Example 2. Example3.  Associations, schools, administrators, educators, support staff, etc., are able to create profile pages.
  • Creating valuable Cube Folders with curated resources that can be private or shared with no login required. Example. This is an effective resource when sharing with peers, students or parents.
  • The ability to follow educators, associations, etc. with similar interests.

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