12 Resources to Celebrate Earth Hour

On March 25th begins Earth Hour. During this day, people around the world gather together to combat climate change and pollution. Your students can watch videos and learn about how people worldwide are trying to preserve the planet. This is a great time to start a project where students learn about protecting our planet. Below, are resources and ideas for helping your students learn about protecting the planet, while enhancing their English skills and connecting with language learners worldwide. You can also use any of these ideas to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. For resources related to helping your language learners learn about the Earth, check out our webinar slides, Digital Earth Day Activities for Language Learners.

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  • Planet Pals has coloring pages, interactive games, online puzzles, articles, journals, crafts, stories, virtual cards and more!
  • Primary Games has several online games for students to learn about Earth Day.
  • The BBC’s Barnaby Bear teaches kids how to recycle with this online game.
  • Starfall has a listening activity and interactive games for very young learners.

Lesson Ideas and Activities

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Picture from Pixabay, https://pixabay.com/en/earth-globe-hands-cooperation-1580260/