Explain This to Me: Our US School by Dr. Christel Broady

Welcome to a new series where we feature great books for language learners and teachers. This month we are featuring the book, Explain This to Me: Our US School, by Dr. Christel Broady.

Explain This to Me: Our US School offers educators and families a tool to begin building the lasting school/home connections with immigrant families. American schools are complex forms of organizations governed by an extensive set of culturally shared understandings. Only a few of these understandings are available in writing or other communication forms to families, teachers, and administrators. Most of the cultural conventions are assumed and represent cultural blind spots. School employees often find it difficult to anticipate problems immigrant families face in trying to participate in schooling, which results in a lack of school/home connections. With “Explain This to Me: Our US School,” Dr. Christel Broady, an international leader in TESOL, ESL teacher trainer, immigrant, and mother of a bilingual school age child herself, offers assistance to schools to connect with immigrant families. Utilizing this easy-to-use guide, educators can immediately communicate important school issues with Spanish-speaking families, even when they don’t speak each other’s language.

The guide consists of a selection of topics generated by teachers, school administrators, and parents. Additionally, culture notes throughout the book may assist parents and children in engaging more effectively in US schooling culture. Each topic explains the issue in English and Spanish.  The book is structured in a way that Spanish could be replaced with any other language if needed or requested from the author depending on the school heritage populations.

Last, teachers can use this guide for book clubs or staff development events to become aware of areas that need to be explained to new school community members so that lasting connections will be made and the school community is built on strong foundations.

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