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7 Web Resources & Tools for Flashcard Fun!

Language learners of all ages benefit from flashcards. With technology, your language learners are able to create flash cards, play games, and access them on their mobile devices. Below is a list of 7 web tools and resources for creating and learning with flashcards. Below is our webinar recording where you can discover engaging flash card games and activities.

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Recommended Web Tools

  • Quizlet– students create or remix digital flashcards with the word and definition. They play a variety of games to learn the vocabulary.
  • GoConqr– In addition to flashcards, students can create mind maps, notes, and quizzes.
  • AR Flashcards– Once printed, your students wave an iPhone over the card to see it come to life in augmented reality. Young learners will enjoy these flashcards.
  • Sight Words– Flashcards and other resources to teach kids to read and phonics.
  • Memrise– Learn languages through quizzes, flashcards, and more.
  • Cram– A community where you create flashcards and share them.
  • Boggles World– Tons of free flashcards to print.
  • Flashcard Monkey– Cartoon like flashcards to learn vocabulary.
  • Flashcard Stash– Create online flashcards.
  • Math Cards– An Android app that is a flashcard game to learn math.

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