Visiting Colombia with Emil Kobeissi

Recently we invited language teacher Emil Kobeissi (@merelyenglish) to introduce us to Colombia.

Shelly: Which landmark is a must for visitors?

Emil Kobeissi: The Museum of Antioquia.

Shelly: What is a popular local dish?

Emil Kobeissi: Popular dishes to try include bandeja paisa, fríed pork belly, beans, avocado, fried egg, rica, and an arepa.

Shelly: Describe an activity your English learners enjoy!

Emil Kobeissi: Video based communicative activities where grammar or lexis is presented through authentic video materials, such as TED. Depending on the TL, they enjoy a controlled task implemented followed by a group or small group conversation / debate.

Shelly: Thank you Emil for introducing us to Colombia!

Emil Kobeissi is a graduate of Trinity Collage, and a freelance TESOL teacher. She believes collaborative teaching and learning is the best way to engage English language learners.

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