Teach Abroad Africa

Go Ahead and Teach Abroad in Africa, Heaven on Earth

From the bottom of Cape Town all the way up to Morocco, Africa is rich with adventure for the courageous voyager. Up Mount Kenya, further up to the pyramids in Egypt, and even higher to the peaks of Kilimanjaro, it’s impossible not to embrace the rush of being alive in Africa while feeling content we lived life to the fullest.

Deeper into the heart of Pangaea where the sparks of life begin, Heaven on Earth is just enjoying Africa like the King of Swaziland, breathing the deep ocean air of Africa’s finest beaches, tasting the cuisines of top foodie destinations, and hearing the rhythm of djembes while contemplating the beauty of a church carved into stone.

The search for adventure is here and now. Go ahead and become TESOL Certified to teach English abroad in Africa.