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Paul is an Argentine-American TESOL-Certified English Teacher and Educational Content Creator. He holds a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual communication and began his career as a television writer and producer.

Through his Storylingo approach, Paul (aka Story Paul) brings his passion for communication and storytelling to ESL. For well over a decade, Paul has used Storylingo to help hundreds of learners worldwide (Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia) become confident English speakers —from elementary and high school students to college graduates, entrepreneurs, and even executives at some of the world’s largest companies (HSBC, EY, and Siemens).

Paul also produces and hosts engaging educational videos for students and clients. In 2020, he was the international producer on an educational music video for coronavirus prevention in US schools called “All Over the Map”, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, featuring talented artists from across the United States.

Paul is the founder of StoryPaul.com, an online hub for English communication coaching, and educational content creation.