Featured Tool! Kapwing Video and Gif Creator

Every month we feature our favorite web tools and apps for English language learners and teachers. This month we are highlighting Kapwing, a free editing tool to create videos, GIFs, images, and memes. Language teachers will enjoy the ability to add subtitles to videos.

The following are ways that teachers and students are already using Kapwing to promote literacy:

  • Add English subtitles to a native language film clip  (or vice versa) to help English language learners and ESL students
  • Trim out relevant scenes from the movie of novels you’re reading in class to reinforce understanding and perspective
  • Have students summarize current events by labeling a video from the local news
  • Loop a video of how a word is pronounced so that students can hear and see the sound spoken at the same time (and add a caption so they can see how it is spelled)
  • Create visual flashcards of new vocabulary words
  • Make relatable memes to reinforce concepts from novels (or assign students to make their own)
  • Have students find visual media to illustrate a quote, poem, or concept and embed the text by the image or video
  • Make a montage of student work for a visual portfolio
  • Encourage students to record learnings and reflections from the year

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