10 Websites for Teens and Adults to Improve Their English Daily

Our English language learners need to practice English continuously in different contexts with other speakers in order to attain fluency. We need to motivate our students to practice English outside of class. One way to do this is by introducing learners to websites and apps that get them to practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening to English with a large community of English speakers. The following websites and apps connect students to other language learners and get them to practice English in engaging ways. For more ideas, check out our webinars, Networked Learning for English Language Teachers and Learners and Using Online Communities to Teach Language Learners.

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  • Bilingua is a language exchange iOS and Android app that connects learners with native speakers through messaging, games, and soon video and audio. The chatting features are unique. A bot helps provide conversation tips and defines words.
  • Busuu has millions of language learners. Students learn English with bite sized lessons, flashcards, quizzes, and chats with native speakers.
  • Duolingo is an iOS, Android, and web app that gamifies learning English. Students earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up with bite-sized lessons.
  • iTalki is a community of 2 million language learners. Connect with others and get 1-on-1 online lessons with native language teachers
  • WeSpeke provides students with language partners and has free English lessons.
  • My English Club is a community of over 200,000 teachers and students. Join any number of groups to practice English through Skype, by writing poetry, playing games, karaoke, etc. Each week language learners are provided with challenges to blog about.
  • The Mixxer is a free website to find partners to practice English over Skype.
  • My Language Exchange has a community of 3 million members from over 133 countries. Students can find a partner and practice English with native speakers learning their language. Students can also learn with lesson plans, text chat rooms and more.
  • English Central has students practice their pronunciation of English by watching various popular videos and measuring their pronunciation of what was said in the video. Users connect with the computer microphone.
  • Gapfillers is a website for advanced English language learners who practice 15 minutes a day with a new word via email, a short grammar quiz and a video news exercise. The website also has podcasts, YouTube videos, interactive English grammar quizzes and program for IELTs and Business English.

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