Tool of the Month for Language Learners: MyLAMPA

Welcome to a new series where we feature our favorite web tools and apps for language learners and teachers. This month we are highlighting MyLAMPAMyLAMPA is an all-in-one intuitive platform designed for language teachers and schools. This learning management system combines peer-to-peer networking, teaching and learning tools, and resources in an innovative approach to lesson planning, organization of teaching activities and learning management. MyLAMPA was developed by language teachers and for everyone involved in the language teaching and learning process. Below are a list of MyLAMPA‘s features to support the learning needs of language learners.

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  • Learners can connect with their teachers’ lesson records to monitor basic lesson content
  • Learners can track their attendance records and report excused absences
  • Teachers can add new vocabulary directly to learners’ personal interactive dictionaries
  • Learners can make notes on vocabulary and add their own new vocabulary
  • Learners can sort vocabulary according to familiarity, date entered, or alphabetically
  • Learners can print vocabulary lists
  • Learners can follow homework assignments
  • Learners can download a mobile app for m-learning and games connected to their course
  • Learners, teachers, and language school managers are interconnected in a simple LMS for language schools
  • Teachers are able to use a powerful lesson planner that is connected to user-generated personal and public resource libraries
  • Teachers can share activity ideas with other users and catalogue them for easy retrieval and import them directly into a lesson plan
  • Teachers can network with other language educators around the globe to exchange best practices and for mentoring

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