Project Based Learning Made Simple by April Smith Features 101 Classroom-Ready Activities

If you employ project based learning (PBL) to engage your language learners or you are part of a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) curriculum then you will enjoy our featured book this month, Project Based Learning Made Simple: 101 Classroom-Ready Activities that Inspires Curiosity, Problem Solving and Self-Guided Discovery for Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Students by April Smith. April Smith created this book for busy teachers who want to get their students to learn hands-on with projects, but just don’t have the time or know where to start. Some fun English projects in the book that enhance reading and writing, include marketing candy bars, modernizing a fairytale, celebrating folktales around the world, and planning a party.

Teachers will also find the following useful:

  • A ready to use resource of 100 innovative lesson plans
  • Grouped by skill set to improve Math Literacy, Language Arts, Social Studies and STEM
  • A great way to increase student engagement, and accountability
  • Includes the basics of customizing projects to classroom and student needs
  • Projects range in time commitment from one class period to a few weeks to all year long

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