St. Stephen’s Day is Hungary's Grandest Celebration with Food, Fireworks, & Parades

St. Stephen’s Day is Hungary’s Grandest Celebration with Food, Fireworks, & Parades

Friday August 20th, 2021 is St. Stephen’s Day, one of the most important holidays in Hungary. On this day, Hungarians host numerous events to celebrate the birth of their nation over one thousand years ago, and also honor their patron saint, King St. Stephen.

One notable event includes the national cake competition. After the winner is selected, participants enjoy a cake cutting ceremony, and have the honor of their unique recipe, and healthy versions of it, available at pastry shops throughout the country.

Other grand events include the Air and Water parade, and the blessing of the bread. The day ends with a dazzling fireworks show along the Danube River. Learn more about teaching English in Budapest, and teaching abroad in the country of Hungary.