Tool of the Month for Language Learners: Quill

Welcome to a new series where we feature our favorite free web tools and apps for language learners and teachers. This month we are highlighting Quill, a website that has free web tools to make students better writers.  Below are a list of ways to use Quill to support the learning needs of your language learners. Watch this video to learn about the latest features.

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  • Quill is getting ready to launch an ELL diagnostic that assesses the students’ writing skills and creates an individualized learning plan of activities that target the student’s specific areas of need.
  • The ELL diagnostic focuses on concept areas that language learners tend to struggle with, such as articles, verb tense, subject verb agreement, and prepositions.
  • One version of the ELL diagnostic will include directions in both English and Spanish to support students whose native language is Spanish, and will include visual aids on some of the questions.
  • Quill activities provide instant feedback for students. The feedback is written in jargon-free language to make it accessible to all students.
  • Students can practice writing at their own pace and can retry activities to reach mastery.
  • Quill provides activities at all levels to meet the needs of language learners at all stages of English language proficiency.
  • Detailed and overview reports allow teachers to easily monitor student progress and identify opportunities for growth in students’ writing.

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