9 Sites and Apps to Find Readings for Young Language Learners

baby-921807_640Reading is difficult for young language learners who are still developing literacy skills in their native language. Luckily, teachers can use websites and mobile apps  to find engaging reading materials for children.  Different sites make stories and articles come alive with animated characters, music, and sound effects. Teachers can find lesson ideas, quizzes, and vocabulary exercises along with the readings. Below, we have listed great websites and apps to help teachers find engaging reading materials for young learners. For ideas on how to effectively use these websites and apps, check out the webinar recording on How to Make Reading Fun for Young Learners and Inspiring Reading on Mobile Devices.

  • Agenda Web has many animated and interactive short stories for children and for very young learners.
  • Starfall has tons of active readings for very young learners. Find phonics games and interactive lessons.
  • Learn English Kids is a good source for finding stories for very young learners and young learners. Find printable activities, online games, and online songs to go along with the stories.
  • TIme for Kids has readings on important issues and current events for young learners. Check out the extras for pdfs and lesson ideas.
  • Newsela has various articles with quizzes and a writing section. Search by grade and reading level.
  • The BBC Cbeebies has several animated short stories for learners.
  • Have a class full of iPads? Collins has 8 free Big Cat books with all kinds of helpful features- words are highlighted and read aloud, cool visuals with animation, and students have the ability to recreate the story with the same characters, scenes, and props.
  • Book Box (iOS/Android) has free animated stories for kids. Words are highlighted.
  • StoryPanda has a library of free and for purchase books for kids with animations, interactivity, and sounds. Children are encouraged to create their own on the iPad and share on the web, Facebook, or their mobile devices.

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