Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Teacher, Bruno Andrade

Visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with Teacher, Bruno Andrade

Recently we invited a fellow language teacher Bruno Andrade (@BrunoELT) to introduce us to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Bruno was one of our guides to the city when we visited a few years ago!

Shelly: Thank you for being a great guide when we visited your beautiful city! Where should visitors go to enjoy Rio de Janeiro?

Bruno Andrade: Visit Sugar Loaf Mountain, Christ The Redeemer, and of course the beaches!

Shelly: What are popular local dishes?

Bruno Andrade: Bife com batata frita (or steak with french fries)!

Shelly: Describe activities your English learners enjoy!

Bruno Andrade: I love the arts. I ask my students to open their Instagram accounts and look for the British Museum page. They get in pairs and choose an artwork they like that appears in the first set of pictures. Then they describe it to their peers for them to identify which artwork s/he is mentioning.

Shelly: Thank you Bruno Andrade for introducing us to Brazil!

Bruno Andrade is an specialist in Distance Learning, has a Master’s in Applied Linguistics, and is a photography lover!

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