Visiting Recife, Brazil with Cecilia Lemos

Ilha de ItamaracáThis week I invited a fellow language teacher, Cecilia Lemos (@CeciELT), to introduce us to Recife, PE, Brazil. Ceci was my guide to the city when I visited a few years ago!

Shelly: Thank you for being a great guide when I visited your beautiful city! Where should visitors go to enjoy Recife?

Cecilia Lemos: Visit Marco Zero and Olinda.

Shelly: What is a popular local dish?

Cecilia Lemos: Tapioca e Bolo de Rolo.

Shelly: Describe activities your English learners enjoy!

Cecilia Lemos: Watching videos and using technology and apps in class.

Thank you, Cecilia Lemos, for introducing us to Brazil!

Cecilia Lemos (@CeciELT) is an EFL teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She is currently the academic coordinator at Cultura Inglesa Madalena, in her hometown of Recife, PE. She’s been a teacher since 1993 and is very passionate about it. She’s especially interested in feedback, correction and lesson observation.

*Photo Credit: flickr photo shared by Luci Correia under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license