Visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil, with Teacher, Karin Heuert Galvão

Visiting Sao Paulo, Brazil, with Teacher, Karin Galvão

Recently we invited language teacher, Karin Heuert Galvão (@karinheuert), to introduce us to Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Shelly: Which landmark is a must for visitors?

Karin Galvão: Edifício Itália, Parque & Museu do Ipiranga, and the Templo Zulai.

Shelly: What is a popular local dish?

Karin Galvão: Feijoada, churrasco, coxinha, and sanduíche de mortadela.

Shelly: Describe an activity your English learners enjoy!

Karin Galvão: I work with a lot of businessmen, and I teach in many companies. Funny thing is, they love playing kids! Having activities that are usually given to kids is enjoyable to relieve the stress of the work environment. I believe it helps them relax and let off steam. One of the activities they like the most is singing songs. Their favorite song is “We’re going to Kentucky” and we work with TPR (Total Physical Response). It’s really funny and exciting watching all these corporate people dancing and having fun. And activities like this help them with pronunciation (intonation and rhythm.)

Karin Galvão has been an EFL Teacher for nearly 16 years and Director at i-Study Interactive Learning for 8 years. She holds, among others, the CELTA certificate and IH Certificate in Online Tutoring. Sao Paulo is Brazil’s financial and commercial capital, and employers in the city are always looking for more English teachers. It truly is a city that never sleeps with amazing food, festivals, and world-renowned nightlife. The cost of living can be relatively expensive, but teachers are usually compensated well enough to cover their monthly living costs. Learn more about living and working in Sao Paulo, Brazil.