9 Tools, Apps, and Programs for Creating Screencasts

blowing-15795_640Your language learners will have fun teaching their peers and others by creating a screencast. To create a screencast, learners use a web tool to record what is on the computer screen and explain what is happening. Screencasts teach others how to use a program, extension, web tool, or website or help others learn how to do an activity on the computer. For example, students could create videos on how to use a paint shop program to draw animals or how to create a Google document. To ensure your students create incredible screencasts, have them write down a script of what they would like to say, peer edit these scripts, and practice with peers. You should also look at the script to check for any grammar errors. Below is a list of 9 web tools, apps, and programs to record a computer screen. For lesson ideas and activities, check out our webinar recording, Video Projects for Digital Learners.

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Recommended Web Tools & Programs

  • Screencast-o-matic– Screencast up to 15 minutes with the free version and publish to Youtube.
  • Camtasia– Get a free 30 day trial. This is a screen recording program with many features, including advanced video and audio editing, adding images and transitions, recording yourself on webcam, and more. This works offline.
  • Google Hangouts on Air– Record your screen and it automatically publishes to a Youtube channel. Use the Youtube editor to edit the video.
  • Screencastify– Chrome tool that records what is in a tab. The free version records up to 10 minutes.
  • Nimbus is another extension to screencast, but also is a powerful screen capture tool. It is great for creating visual how-to guides.
  • Educreations– Web tool and iOS and Android app to record and edit a 9 minute video of what happens on a whiteboard. Students can add images, text, drawings, and pdfs to the whiteboard. Teachers can create classes and manage their students’ screencast videos.

Recommended Apps

  • Lensoo Create–  iPad and Android app to record what happens on a tablet’s whiteboard.
  • Screen Chomp– iPad app to record what happens on a tablet’s whiteboard. Similar to Educreations.
  • ShowMe– Another iPad app to record what happens on a whiteboard.

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