Visiting Bor, Serbia with Irina Kagadejev Stevanovic

The Palace at Felix Romuliana (XVII)This week we invited language teacher, Irina Kagadejev Stevanovic to introduce us to Bor, Serbia.

Shelly: Which landmarks are a must for visitors?

Irina: Felix Romuliana (an ancient Roman site), Lepenski Vir (a prehistoric site), an important Mesolithic archaeological site, Bor Lake (an attractive artificial lake), Copper Mine Bor, and many others.

Shelly: What are popular local dishes?

Irina: There are many popular old dishes, like roast and grilled meat, sarma (cabbage rolls), beans, corn flour dishes, delicious cakes etc. Watch this Youtube video to see some of these dishes.

Shelly: Describe an activity your English learners enjoy!

Irina: They enjoy preparing their own presentations on different topics and making short films.

Thank you, Irina, for introducing us to Bor, Serbia!

Irina Kagadejev Stevanovic bio:
I teach English in Economic and Commercial high school, educating different vocational profiles, and trying to make the classes interesting and make students take an active part in learning process. We have participated in different projects, met students from other countries and communicated with them in English.

*Photo: Flickr photo by isawnyu,,  shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license