Teach Abroad in the Mandala, Celebrate Holi & Ghode Jatra

Vanity always comes before the fall, and the celebration of Holi is the ultimate rainbow festival reminding us to become one with everything. Deep in the heart of the Nepal Mandala lies the metropolis Kathmandu where it’s impossible not to jump into life, slay inner demons at the Ghode Jatra horse ceremony, and feel at peace in the eye of Nepali sunshine.

Go deeper and discover the Newar people who say identity is more than what meets the eye, but what also meets the nose, and to worship the mandala in the practice of Mha Puja is to purify the spirit and smell within us all.

It’s easy to love the aroma of life like an ocean breeze rolling over Hollywood, and everybody deserves a holiday just for being born. Step up, enroll into a TESOL Certification program, and become a part of it all while teaching English abroad in Nepal.