Mountain Destinations to Explore While Teaching Abroad in Argentina

Mountain Destinations to Explore While Teaching Abroad in Argentina

Argentina has long been a hotspot for teaching English. Some search for peace of mind hiking in the incredible mountains while visiting world class waterfalls, others find fun in the “Paris of South America” better known as Buenos Aires. Landing a job teaching English in Argentina will not be tricky, but it’s ideal to have a TESOL certificate. There are other income opportunities tutoring, as many locals are eager to learn English. Peak hiring times are either in February or August when schools are just getting out for vacation.

Argentina’s mountain retreats provide the perfect environment to recuperate strengths, and start 2023 off in the right direction.

Aconcagua is without a doubt Argentina’s most obvious claim to fame when it comes to mountains. Located in the Mendoza Province and forming part of the Andean Mountain Range, Aconcagua is the tallest mountain across the whole of the Americas, reaching an incredible 22,837 ft.

Refugio Laguna Negra in Bariloche

One of the best features of this particular retreat, excluding all the expert help and advice available regarding the surrounding treks and mountain trails, is the home-made beer. Fresh water is taken from the nearby lake and used to make a very tasty artisanal beer for all guests to enjoy all year round. The retreat can accommodate up to 60 people, there’s a kitchen which guests can use and there’s a restaurant service for those people looking to be waited on hand and foot. If you hope to find informed and friendly guides to take you around the surrounding areas of Northern Patagonia, Refugio Laguna Negra will be able to look after your needs without any problems.

Refugio Emilio Frey in Bariloche

The rocky terrain surrounding the Refugio Emilio Frey is just one of the reasons to visit this particular retreat. Nearby Lake Toncek is a beautiful green color, but the mountain retreat itself is actually just as pretty. It was sculptured from granite rock, the exact granite found in the region, which has helped to make sure that it blends in beautifully with its natural environment. The man-made parapets appear far less intrusive thanks to the quality and conscious attention to detail by the architects.

Refugio Jakob in Bariloche

Those people who choose to visit Refugio Jakob know that they will be received by experts in mountaineering. The team who live and work in this particular retreat not only know the surrounding areas and treks like the backs of their hands, but they also take care of their visitors by preparing packed lunches for the various trips/walks available. There are different kinds of treks and climbs to suit different levels of fitness and trekking/climbing experience from Refugio Jakob, which is another reason why lots of people choose to stay at this retreat over others. Most treks can be done in a day, but some take two days to comfortably complete. If you’re not sure what activities would be appropriate for you, the trained staff will certainly be able to help and advise.

Refugio Hielo Azul in El Bolsón

The Refugio del Hielo Azul is located on the hill, which goes by the same name, in the Andean Mountain Range. During the winter months, the hillside gets a lot of snow and remains snowy throughout the entire season. There are alpine glaciers nearby and, like most glaciers around the world, these glaciers are in steady decline due to environmental damage. There are many treks and walks through the surrounding countryside to enjoy when staying at this retreat. Some treks challenge visitors to a number of days hiking, but others can be day in just a few hours before returning home to the warmth and comfort of the retreat.

Refugio el Retamal in El Bolsón

Staying in the Refugio el Retamal is just like staying in a magical, fairytale cottage. This retreat, located in El Bolsón, is the perfect place for those people hoping to celebrate their honeymoon in a romantic log cabin. Check out their Facebook Page for more information, make reservations and find out about the various trekking opportunities available.

Refugio Mausy in Mendoza

From the Refugio Mausy, guests can access mountain peaks which reach 4000, 5000 and 6000 metres, and bilingual guides are available should this be necessary. Many experienced mountaineers choose to make use of this retreat as a kind of “climatization center” before starting out on the very difficult task of ascending Mount Aconcagua. Getting to the retreat is made easy with the daily transfers organized by the retreat’s dedicated team of staff.

Refugio San Antonio en Mendoza

The Refugio San Antonio is an ancient retreat which was constructed in the 1940s by a group of mountain explorers. It is a very warm and cozy place to stay, particularly during the winter months, thanks to its open fires in communal areas and comfortable rooms and unforgettable mountain views. The retreat’s private wine bar is an added luxury that guests can enjoy all year round too. Breakfast is included and guests are welcome to dine every night in the retreat’s in-house restaurant for absolute comfort. The dedicated team who work in the retreat also organize daily runs to and from the city of Mendoza for a small fee, which means getting to and from your destination is made just that much easier. What’s more, on top of the basic trekking opportunities, Refugio San Antonio can also arrange other kinds of mountain activities including abseiling, mountain biking, horse-riding and whitewater rafting.

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