Teaching English in Anji, China, Spotlight on the Environment, Bamboo Forest

Anji, China is in the Zhejiang Province and is famous for its Bamboo. Anji is a huge forest, and has the largest variety of bamboo in the world. The eco-powerhouse material of bamboo has thousands of uses that reach far beyond buildings.

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As bamboo business is booming around the world, Anji is finally getting the recognition it has long deserved. The area is know for its stunning natural beauty, convenient transportation systems, and green city planning. If you enjoy being surrounded by the beauty of bamboo, and living in a city with 1,800+ years of history, teaching English in Anji, China is an ideal choice.

Teaching English in Anji, China, Spotlight on the Environment, Bamboo Kingdom

Here are some awesome and inspiring facts about Anji County:

  • Anji County is considered one of the most beautiful places in China, and is known for its dense bamboo forests, picturesque mountains, and crystal-clear streams.
  • Anji is the first county-level city in China that has been granted the title of “National Ecological County”, and it is considered as one of the most beautiful and ecological places in China.
  • The county is home to many traditional villages, such as Xitang and Wuzhen, which are known for their well-preserved ancient architecture and traditional culture.
  • Anji is also known for its bamboo culture, and is home to many bamboo-related industries, such as bamboo furniture and bamboo textiles.
  • The county is a leader in the field of eco-tourism and sustainable development, and is home to many eco-friendly hotels and resorts that promote sustainable tourism practices.
  • The county has a rich history and culture, with many historical sites and cultural festivals to explore, such as the Anji White Tea Festival, which is held annually to celebrate the local tea culture.
  • Anji county is also known for its scenic beauty, which has been the main inspiration for many artists and writers over the centuries.