Teaching English in Belo Horizonte

Teaching English in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Spotlight on the Environment, Land Planning

Belo Horizonte (Beautiful Horizon), Brazil is a perfect example of a city adapting to meet environmental challenges. With a population of 2.7 million, the people have created a plan to reduce flooding risk, improve the quality of waterways, ensure the sustainability of urban improvements, and regulate urban spaces. Belo Horizonte is an ideal place to teach English, and enjoy a city making some big eco-moves.

Though it boasts no beaches, Belo Horizonte is also an ideal place to teach English if you love bars, as it is the third largest city, and bar capital of Brazil. This area has managed to stay off the tourist track, because it is not on the coast, and thus many teachers enjoy living here for the genuine and authentic feel to the city.  Jobs are easy to land, and teachers can get by comfortably on an average salary, plus it’s easy to escape on the weekends to the beautiful nature that surrounds Belo Horizonte.

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