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National Emblem ChinaTeaching English in China, also known as the Middle Kingdom, is a financially viable option for both high-school and college graduates.

China has been a leading civilization in the world for centuries as they have created some of the most complex inventions and world changing philosophies to date. China also has a very unique culture that is based heavily in their ancient beliefs which date back many millennia. These are just some of the many reasons why there are so many American citizens who would love to explore China.

For those interested in this amazing country, there are ways to not only visit China for free but to live in China and truly be immersed in the local culture. This is through an English teaching program. For many years, Americans have been traveling to China to teach English to students. There are many different opportunities for Americans to travel to China and teach English as more and more Chinese individuals are looking for English instruction in their schools.

According to the official statistics, and the Chinese premier, three hundred million people are currently studying English in China.

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China State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA).

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