The Power of Play in English Education, Live Nov. 12th

Join us live November 12th with Featured Teacher Mary; An educator since 2010, she teaches a multitude of subjects from mathematics and drama, to planting trees and rock climbing. Teaching online, and abroad in Italy, South Korea, and South Africa, she has met and connected with incredible students from all over the world.

A traveler at heart intending to see the world, Mary began teaching English at Summer camps in Italy to supplement her income. There she learned that education never needed to be dull, but through games, song, and dance students could learn effortlessly without even realizing they are doing so.

Mary loves to have fun, and in her free time rock climbs, surfs, kiteboards, and plays board games. Through persistent practice she has learned how to juggle, spin fire poi, ride a unicycle, play guitar, and walk on her hands. Her biggest fear as a child was that one day she would need to grow up and stop having fun, but as an adult teacher she plays as ferociously as she did as a child.