Using Web 2.0 Tools for Alternative Assessment of ESL Students

american tesol instituteCompleting assessments online allows teacher an innovative way to measure skills attained by their students.

Have students recite a piece of news online to evaluate their pronunciation.
Fotobabble | Aduioboo | VoiceThread

Choose a book, short story or any text for the whole class to read. Have students answer each others questions and provide feedback.
Linoit | Wallwisher | Pindax

Create a Word Cloud
Create a word cloud for students to identify keywords pertaining to a story.
Wordle | Tagxedo | Worditout

Choose an audio book or podcast for students to listen, and then create a comic strip.
Zimmer Twins | Strip Generator

Create a Digital Poster
After a week, month, or semester have students create a digital poster to reflect on what they have learned.

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