11 Web Tools to Create Interactive Videos and Quizzes

Students love watching videos, which has led educators to use videos to engage and teach learners. Language learners especially benefit from learning with videos, because videos contextualize language. Videos also enhance students listening skills. Web tools are available to help teachers assess student learning with video. The web tools below help teachers quickly create video quizzes, lessons, and grade these interactive video lessons quickly.  For resources related to teaching language learners with video, check out our webinar recording, Flipped Out Teaching for Language Learners.

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Video Quiz Creators

The following are free web tools to create quizzes and lessons for Youtube videos and other online videos:

Interactive Video Tools

  • With Google Forms you can include questions for a video or create other assessments.
  • QuizBean allows you to create video quizzes as well as text based and image quizzes.
  • iSpring Quiz Maker helps you create mobile quizzes, including ones with embedded videos.
  • With Vialogues you can have discussions about a video and post questions within that discussion.
  • With Vibby you can highlight and annotate videos.

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Picture from Pixabay, https://pixabay.com/en/youtube-website-page-layout-1684601/