14 Web Tools and Apps for Creating Short Videos & Films

camcorder-15944_640Motivate your language learners to practice their English by creating short videos and films. Your language learners will have fun producing their own silent films, movie trailers, tv commercials, interviews, music videos, vodcasts, soap operas, stop motion films, game shows, plays, or public service announcements. Below is a list of 12 web tools and apps learners can use to produce videos. For lesson ideas and activities, check out our webinar recording, Video Projects for Digital Learners.

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Recommended Web Tools

  • Powtoons– Create fun animated videos with a library of music, text, and characters to choose from or upload images.
  • Moovly– Make a movie up to 10 minutes with uploaded images, audio, and templates.
  • WeVideo– Web tool, iOS and Android app to make a collaborative or individual video with images, audio, and templates. The free version lets you publish up to 5 minutes a month and have access to 22 songs.
  • Plotagon– A web tool and app to create animated avatar videos.
  • Wideo– Create videos with uploaded images, animations, and add audio.
  • ZimmerTwins– Make a cartoon featuring the Zimmer twins,  type in the dialogue, choose a background scene, and create a fun movie.
  • Peanut Gallery– Add voice narration to silent film clips.
  • Dvolver– Create a short film and choose from their library of characters, backgrounds, and props.

Video Creation Apps

  • Magisto– iOS and Android app to create a video with up to 25 clips or 30 photos free. Choose a theme and soundtrack, and add text, images, and video clips.
  • Instagram-iOS and Android app to record up to a minute of live streamed video and add various filters. Share on this popular social network with others.
  • Youtube Capture– iOS app to create videos and upload them to Youtube.
  • SockPuppets– iOS app for creating short movies with talking socks.
  • Puppet Pals– iOS app with fun characters set on a stage. Students narrate the characters and can upload their own images.
  • Toontastic– iOS app for creating short videos with fun characters that students animate.

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