Visiting Patiala, India with Manpreet Kaur

Visiting Patiala, India with Manpreet Kaur

Recently we invited language teacher, Manpreet Kaur, to introduce us to Patiala, Punjab, India.

Shelly: Which landmark is a must for visitors?

Manpreet Kaur: The Taj Mahal as well as The Sheesh Mahal or ‘Palace of Mirrors’

Shelly: What is a popular local dish?

Manpreet Kaur: Rice Curry.

Shelly: Describe an activity your English learners enjoy!

Manpreet Kaur: Synonyms are favorites for brainstorming.

Thank you, Manpreet Kaur, for introducing us to Patiala, India! Manpreet has 8 years of experience in IT and as a tutor. 

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