5 Online Visual Thesauruses for English Learners

With online tools language learners are able to visualize and build vocabulary. One of the most engaging ways to build vocabulary is by looking up words in an online visual thesaurus. When learners type in the word, they are presented with a concept map of synonyms. Learners can click on any of those words and discover more synonyms.  Below is a list of online visual thesaurus. For more ideas on how to help learners build vocabulary, check out our webinar recording, Visualize Vocabulary: From Remembering to Comprehension.

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Free Online Visual Dictionaries

  • Graph Words displays meanings of words as an interactive web and shows connections among associated words. Also, discover examples of the words and different forms of the word. Learners can quickly identify the word as a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective by its color. One of the coolest features is the ability to save the image of the word web map.
  • Word Vis is similar to the two tools above with less features. Search for a word to see synonyms and definitions. Red is for nouns and green is for verbs.
  • Snappy Words is another free visual thesaurus and dictionary. However, ads are displayed on the interface.
  • Think Map’s Visual Thesaurus offers a free trial to see the word maps, which branch to connected words.
  • Visuwords displays words as a colorful, interactive web map. The interface is the most striking. The definition and forms of the word are shown by moving the cursor over words within the map. Learners can quickly identify the word as a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective by its color.

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