Brazil is Paradise, Go Ahead and Teach English Abroad

Paradise is Brazil, Go Ahead and Teach English Abroad

In the land of the blind the Empress with one eye is our guiding light shining bright to a new paradise in Brazil. Breathing in the fresh Atlantic Ocean air, visualize and imagine being taken up, gently swirling around, landing, and easily rolling into a new life where paradise is real. Let’s go deeper and see the foundations of Brazil built with courage, sincerity, and respect like the pillars of Pedro and Napoleon become one.

Dom Pedro, nicknamed “the Liberator”, was the founder and first ruler of the Empire of Brazil.

Down stairs into ancient alien cultures dive deep into the warmest waters of beauty that beckon sleep like sirens, or back up mountains into the beautiful wildlife where it’s easy to breathe and hear Brazil’s message; being real is key to opening doors of opportunity.

While all the posers dress up and herd to Mardi Gras, let’s set our Eye on the true prize in Brazil where the beauty, purity, and unity of a new paradise awaits. Learn more about teaching English abroad in the Land of Palms.