Featured Tool! Learn English for free with CNN

Every month we feature our favorite web tools and apps for English language learners and teachers. This month we are highlighting the latest application and iOS/Android app by WeSpeke, en.news, which allows users to learn English for free with CNN. Today’s CNN news stories are today’s English lessons on en.news. WeSpeke uses AI Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology to automatically repurpose the latest articles, videos, and podcasts delivered by CNN into English language lessons that are often available within minutes of breaking news.

English learners will find the following features useful:

  • Access transcripts
  • Adjust the speed of the videos
  • Tap on any word in articles for the definition and pronunciation
  • Complete 4 to 5 tasks, such as sentence scrambles
  • Share answers with your microphone
  • Earn points and badges for each lesson you complete
  • Compete with others on the community leaderboard

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