Hoi An Monthly Lantern Festival Will Brighten Summer

The Hoi An Monthly Lantern Festival Will Brighten Summer

Vietnam is popular travel destination in the summer months for visitors from around the world to enjoy the Lantern Festival. Held monthly on the eve of the full moon, participants experience and see colorful silk lanterns of all kinds floating down the river. Villagers dance, sing, and burn incense at family alters to remember their ancestors. Learn more about attending the Hoi An Festival in Vietnam.

The third largest city in Vietnam makes Hai Phong an ideal place to teach English. Not only are jobs easy to come by,  the cost of living is significantly less than it’s two larger neighbors. It does not carry the same metropolis feel either, which allows the daily joys of living in Asia to really shine through. The city is also known for its prized beer, and active bar scene. Jennie loved living in Hai Pong, and shares experiences in her blog.

American TESOL offers a certification to teach English abroad so individuals can attend these exciting events in a sustainable and responsible way.  Learn more about living and working in Vietnam.